Figure AI

Humanoid Robot Startup Figure AI valued at $2.6 billion as Bezos, OpenAI, Nvidia join funding
Founded in 2022, Figure AI has developed a general-purpose robot, called Figure 01, that looks and moves like a human. The company sees its robots being put to use in manufacturing, shipping and logistics, warehousing, and retail, “where labor shortages are the most severe,” though its machines aren’t intended for military or defense applications.


Through the intersection of AI and Robotics, we are building general purpose humanoid robots. These robots will eliminate the need for unsafe and undesirable jobs, allowing future generations to live happier, more purposeful lives.

5 advantages of choosing
as a robotics innovation and technology company

1. It's unique and memorable, standing out in the industry. The combination of "human" and "android" creates a word that's both familiar and futuristic.
2.The name emphasizes the company's focus on human-centered design, highlighting its commitment to developing robots that are intuitive and user-friendly.
3.The suffix "-roid" gives a more futuristic, technological feel, positioning "Humroid" as a cutting-edge company.
4.The name is also flexible and versatile, allowing the company to expand into various areas of robotics and AI.
5. It offers rich opportunities for branding and storytelling, creating a narrative around the intersection of humans and robots.

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Humanoid robots mimic human physiology, enabling interaction with human-centric environments.


Humanoid design integrates mechanics, actuators, sensors, and control algorithms to replicate human-like abilities.


Humanoid robots are employed in healthcare, education, entertainment, and other sectors, driving industry growth.

AI Vision

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We chose to develop humanoid robots because the current world is built around human activities, and all the standards are adapted to human physiological conditions.

- ​Brett Adcock -
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